Chapters 15-21

Chapter 15

mobiusactivitiesDownload: Möbius worksheets

If you’d like to share the joy of Möbius loops with your friends and family, then here’s a printable worksheet from my Think Maths website.
Think Maths Möbius worksheet (PDF)

mobiuscolourDownload: Six-colour Möbius map

No longer will you have to borrow a friend’s Möbius loop to colour in all six regions so that each one touches all five other colours. Print this one out, match up the arrows and you’ll have your very own.
6-colour Möbius Map (PDF)

Chapter 16

5drubiksLink: 4D & 5D Rubik’s cubes

If the normal number of dimensions just isn’t enough for you, you can now enjoy the mind-bending puzzle fun in an excessive number of dimensions.
4D Rubik’s cube (website)
5D Rubik’s cube (website)

Chapter 17

Toy: Binary/ASCII converter

Sending messages in normal characters is so early-last-century. Since the deployment of ASCII in 1963 we have had a systematic way to convert standard sentences into a string of binary 1s and 0s. Use this gadget to convert normal letters and symbols into binary code. Ideal for emails, love letters and school projects.  (Full version)

Link to this result

Toy: Spreadsheet converter

Upload any photo you want and download it as a fully formatted spreadsheet!  (Full version)


sudokuDownload: X-sudoku

I knew when I put a sudoku in my book people would want to solve it. I also knew people would not want to ruin their near-mint-condition copies of my book. So here it is for you to print out on any piece of paper you’re less emotionally attached to.
X-sudoku (PDF)