Hello, my name is Matt Parker and I’m a mathematician and stand-up comedian. I’m one-third of Festival of the Spoken Nerd, I write for newspapers (The Guardian and the Telegraph) as well as presenting TV and radio programs (BBC, Channel 4, Discovery). But I seem to be most famous for my work on the Numberphile youtube channel.

At last I’ve written a book: Things to Make and Do in the Fourth Dimension. It contains some of my favourite bits of mathematics, complete with hands-on activities. If you want an insight into the world of being a mathematician, while putting up with my dry jokes and hilarious chapter headings at the same time, this is the book for you!

This website contains all sorts of downloads, links and online gadgets to supplement what is in the book. If you have read something in the book and are disappointed to not find more about it here, send me an email and I’ll see what I can do.

If you’ve not bought the book, that is also fine. Try and get as much free value out of this site as possible. To be honest, the book is pretty much this website but with the death of more trees.

“Matt Parker is some sort of unholy fusion of a prankster, wizard and brilliant nerd – clever, funny and ever so slightly naughty”
Adam Rutherford, author of CREATION

“Shows off maths at its most playful and multifarious, ranging from classics like knot theory and ruler-and-compass constructions to more whimsical topics like the topology of beer logos and error-correcting scarves”
Jordan Ellenberg, author of HOW NOT TO BE WRONG