Chapters 4-5

Chapter 4

Link: Hexaflexagon worksheets

Fumbling your way through your first hexaflexagon-making experience can be a bewildering challenge. To help guide you through it, there are printable sheets over at Think Maths.
Hexaflexagons worksheet (website)

wobblersPrintable: Templates for The Wobbler discs

To make your own circular and elliptical wobbler discs, print this sheet and stick it onto sufficiently thick cardboard (a good few millimetres thick) before cutting them out. They exactly match the ones in the book.
Circular and Elliptic Wobbler discs (PDF)

reuleauxPrintable: Reuleaux Triangle templates

Download and print this template for a Reuleaux triangle, to make your own shape of constant width. Works best if you cut it out of cardboard a few millimetres thick. And don’t worry, Reuleaux triangles are backwards-compatible with the previous generation of shapes of constant width (also included).
10cm Reuleaux Triangles and circles (PDF)

Chapter 5

platonicsolidnetsPrintable: Nets of Platonic Solids

Download and print these nets to you can construct your own set of platonic solids. Complete with tetrahedron, cube, octahedron, dodecahedron, icosahedron and absolutely no more.
Nets of platonic solids (PDF)

princerupertPrintable: Net of a Prince Rupert cube

Thanks to the always-fantastic George Hart, you can download and print nets to construct your own Prince Rupert cube. Stun your friends, family and even strangers who happen to be walking past at the time when you fit a cube through a hole in a same-sized cube.
Net of a Prince Rupert cube (PDF), by George Hart (website)